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Alabama Psd Drivers Al Fake License -

Posted: 11:25 AM, Apr 17, 2019
Updated: 11:31 PM, Apr 17, 2019
Alabama Psd Drivers Al Fake License

KNIGHTSTOWN — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are preparing to deport six individuals accused of using fake Social Security Cards to open bank accounts in Knightstown.

The investigation began April 10 when the management at the First Merchants Bank of Knightstown contacted police to report several bank accounts that were opened using Social Security Cards with stolen Social Security numbers.

Two days later, the Knightstown Police Department received information that those suspects would be doing work on a property in the 8800 block of S. CR 925 West. When officers showed up they made contact with the suspects and took three of them immediately into custody, according to Knightstown police. Three other men took off and led police on a chase through a wooded area near the property.

Alabama Psd Drivers Al Fake License

Police, with the help of the Henry County Sheriff’s Department and K-9 officers, were able to track the suspects to an area behind a barn near the property. All three were taken into custody without incident.

After the suspects provided arresting officers with their Republic of Honduras Consular ID cards, the department contacted I.C.E. to continue the investigation.

Immigration Customs Enforcement told police that all six suspects had been previously arrested and dealt with by their agents. I.C.E. agents had also previously deported two of the suspects, who had made their way back into the United States. Those two will be deported again, according to police.

The deportation process for the other four suspects has already begun, according to Knightstown police.

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Alabama Psd Drivers Al Fake License