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Are you worried that giving up your driver’s license will leave you without legal identification?  Fear not!

Seniors who do not have a Massachusetts driver’s license can get a Massachusetts ID card from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Massachusetts ID cards look similar to driver’s licenses; however, they do not extend any driving privileges. This ID card is an official form of identity, signature, and age that is accepted anywhere that a driver’s license is accepted as identification. You can use this ID to cash checks, collect mail at the post office, travel on airplanes, and everything else, the same as if you had a driver’s license.

An ID card normally costs $25, but if you mail your old driver’s license to the RMV, they will automatically mail you an ID card for no charge to your address of record. Just mail your driver’s license–along with a letter requesting an ID card–to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Driver Licensing Department
P.O. Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889

The only requirements for seniors who need an ID card are that you not hold a driver’s license in any other state and that you are a Massachusetts resident. ID cards expire every 5 years and will need to be renewed, but you only need to have your photo taken every 10 years.

If you don’t have a driver’s license to surrender, then what do you need to get a new ID card?

All documents must be originals (no photocopies). Just bring your documentation, along with a completed ID Card Application and your $25.00 fee, in person, to any RMV full service office.

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